Nutritional medicine

Nutritional and full health checks thanks to the expertise of CMMA at Genève airport

Physician nutritionist qualified in preventing illnesses and promoting recovery

Physician nutritionists are specialists who are members of the Fédération nationale des associations médicales de la nutrition (National Federation of Medical Nutrition Associations, FNAMN) and who screen for and monitor nutrition-related diseases with or without associated complications.

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In what circumstances should you consult a physician nutritionist?

To prevent cardiovascular illnesses and certain cancers – to manage your diabetes more effectively – to bring your cholesterol and/or triglycerides back to normal – to prevent flare-ups of gout – to regain weight after a long illness.

Care is highly personalised and is also recommended if you want to: – lose a little weight – adjust your diet if you are an amateur or professional athlete – eat well during pregnancy – or simply learn to eat a balanced diet to feel good and be in good health.

What will they offer you?

A full medical check-up:

– a blood test – a hormone profile – an assessment of cardiovascular risks – a nutritional assessment.

Regular consultations to: – set reasonable objectives – adapt dietary recommendations to your requirements depending on the constraints of your work and/or family life – enable you to get your motivation back or to remain motivated – monitor the normalisation of biological disturbances – improve risk factors.

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