Our medical specialities

Safety, oversight and thoroughness are the order of the day in all circumstances and the professionalism of CMMA employees makes for a top-class team

Médecine générale et familiale à Genève - CMMA & CGEMPN

General medicine

Whatever health complaint you’ve come to see us about or if you’ve come for a test, our specialists in general internal medicine are here to listen and advise.

Médecine du travail à Genève - CMMA & CGEMPN

Occupational medicine

Working in a safe environment is key to the well-being of your employees and the productivity of your organisation.

Speak to our occupational doctors!

Médecine nutritionnelle à Genève - CMMA & CGEMPN

Nutritional medicine

Our nutritional experts and dieticians will advise you on the best diet for your metabolism to help you keep in top shape.

Radiologie et examens de radios - CMMA & CGEMPN


With our modern, accurate radiology equipment, we can quickly offer an accurate and reliable diagnosis so that you can identify treatment options.

Laboratoire d'analyse à Genève - CMMA & CGEMPN

Medical laboratory

We have our own microbiological testing laboratory so we can offer you blood tests on-site and speed up the diagnostic process.