Aviation medicine

CGEMPN is on-hand to issue regular fitness certificates for air crew and air traffic controllers

Who are our aeromedical examinations aimed at?

Commercial or private pilots and air traffic controllers are regularly required to undergo medical examinations.

The Centre Genevois d’Expertise Médicales du Personnel Navigant (CGEMPN) conducts all of these medical examinations, whether for European, American or Canadian authorities. CGEMPN also handles parachuting licences and declarations of medical fitness to fly a microlight.


Medical training

Doctors qualified in aviation medicine have post-graduate training that is now clearly defined under the new EASA legislation (AMC2 MED.D.015):

  • 60 hours of basic training
  • 60 additional hours for professional licences.

EASA doctors undergo at least 20 hours of continuous training every three years. They must perform a minimum of 10 examinations each year (currently around 400 per year at CGEMPN). CGEMPN’s senior doctor, Dr Frédéric Villard, has completed two years of training and is a pilot.


Training providers in Europe are few and far between. Among these are the excellent and comprehensive French training and German training providers. Training courses are likely to be introduced in the coming years in accordance with new EASA regulations.


In order to issue North American certificates, examiners must complete a training course in Oklahoma City, in the case of the USA, and Montreal, in the case of Canada.


Medical certificates

We issue fitness certificates for professional pilots, amateur pilots, flight crew and air traffic controllers.

Our certificates are valid in Europe and the United States.

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Pilot health complaints

If you have a medical complaint or condition, or if your primary care physician wishes to start a new treatment or in the case of any other concerns, it is your AME examiner who must clear you to fly.

However, under the relevant sub menus, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions with descriptions of any exemptions depending on the part of the body or speciality.

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