Medical certificates

Located in the immediate vicinity of Genève airport, CGEMPN is on-hand for all your fitness-to-drive and fitness-to-fly tests

Médecine aéronautique et certificats d'aptitude à Genève - CMMA & CGEMPN

Aviation medicine

Commercial or private pilots and air traffic controllers are regularly required to undergo medical examinations.

The Centre Genevois d’Expertise Médicales du Personnel Navigant (CGEMPN) conducts all of these medical examinations, whether for European, American or Canadian authorities.

Médecine du trafic et certificats d'aptitudes routières - CMMA & CGEMPN

Traffic medicine

CGEMPN’s medical examiners are on-hand to perform the various medical tests which will provide evidence of your fitness to drive cars and heavy goods vehicles safely.

Our tests are reliable and can be performed quickly so that you can keep working.