Swiss medical quality in Geneva-Cointrin

We offer consultations with a GP or specialist at the airport.

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CMMA’s patients can be assured that its values are safety, oversight and thoroughness.

Doctors specialising in aviation.

CMMA is part of the Centre Genevois d'Expertises Médicales du Personnel Navigant (CGEMPN)

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CGEMPN performs European, American and Canadian medical examinations

Hair and beard transplants & aesthetic medicine

Our beauty professionals are on-hand to welcome you to CMMA

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Occupational medicine in Geneva

Fitness to work night shifts for workers, preventive healthcare and vaccination

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We advise employers on matters relating to the health of their employees

Two medical expert centres under one roof for all your medical examinations

CMMA (Centre Médical Multidisciplinaire de l'Aéroport SA) and CGEMPN (Centre Genevois d'Expertises Médicales du Personnel Navigant) offer you a comprehensive range of treatments, services and solutions, from general medical services to fitness-for-work certificate to aesthetic medicine.

The many treatment rooms and professional, attentive staff mean that each of our patients receives effective, personalised care.

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An experienced medical team providing accurate diagnoses.


All of our equipment complies with European quality and safety standards.


Our hair transplants are 100% compatible, offering you complete peace of mind.

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