Permanent hair removal

Our beauticians are specialists in flash lamp treatment (intense pulsed light) and have access to a range of equipment and specialist treatment rooms

What is IPL?

It’s a xenon lamp that emits pulses of light lasting a few milliseconds.

This pulse emits light within a wavelength spectrum ranging from 500 to 1200 nanometres and which differs slightly from one lamp to the next. Flash lamps are much more suitable for permanent hair removal.

Pain and effectiveness?

The most common risk is that of burns but the correct dosage and machine settings mean that hair can be permanently removed without this problem.

IPL has had a reputation for being ineffective partly due to beauticians not using enough light intensity in an effort to prevent burns.

The strength of our medical team (doctor and beauticians) in this area is that, having treated hundreds of patients, we know exactly which light intensity to use, thus optimising the effectiveness of treatment.

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