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What our patients say:

For years I hid my hair loss with my own well-honed technique. My long hair was styled in such a way as to cover the centre of my head, which was completely bald. A bit of hairspray and everything stayed in place. But what became unbearable was seeing myself through my wife’s eyes when I was in the shower or the water. In these situations, my hair fell down at the sides and I looked 20 years older.
My wife told me that it didn’t bother her but what I found unbearable was seeing myself through her eyes. I had a large micro-graft hair transplant done and it worked really well. I have hair all over the front of my head that is thick enough for me to style my hair properly. What’s more, when I’m in the water my head is no longer exposed but is full of thick, long hair.

- A CMMA patient

My wife had liposuction. One day she joked that I should restore my hairline. It used to bother me a little, it’s true, but I had got used to it. We had a consultation and on a whim I went ahead. I have no regrets. I don’t have a thick head of hair but hair at the front of my head in a natural pattern that makes me look a lot like I did 10 years ago. I might do it again to conceal my bald patch, which is still there.

- A CMMA patient

I’ve been going to centres offering hair-related services for at least two years. Hair stylists and clinics. I obviously consulted Hair-for-Life just like the others. It was a doctor who took my call. He wrote to me with information and offered an appointment. Once again, my appointment was with a doctor and we spoke about my family and previous operations for half an hour. He examined my scalp, measured the density and then explained everything. I really think I understood everything and I could also sense from all the little technical details that he told me that this doctor liked what he did and would do a good job.

- A CMMA patient

Yes, for a good 25 years I had a well-honed hair-styling technique. I didn’t have any hair left on the top of my head, not even a little tuft at the front. By leaving my hair very long on the sides, pulling it over my head and using hairspray you could no longer tell that I was bald. Except I couldn’t go out in strong winds, or take a dip in the pool or the sea as that gave me away, and taking a dive or getting caught in a gust of wind aged me by 20 years. Since my transplant, nobody has noticed – not even my son. The hair on the top of my head has grown back. My haircut is the same as before but now it holds by itself. I can bathe in public and go out with my head exposed to the wind. In fact, I feel so much more relaxed now I no longer need to fake it. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

- A CMMA patient

My hair loss began just after menopause. Admittedly, I no longer had much hair after my pregnancies but it was bearable. The hair on the top of my head was increasingly thin, revealing my white skin beneath. I could no longer sit down on the tram without feeling like everyone was looking at my head. This micro autograft transplant changed my life. Although for six months I had to wear a bandanna, now, as you can see, it’s much better. One five-hour procedure and my life has been transformed.

- A CMMA patient

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There is a solution for every type of hair loss!

Type 2–3: moderate hair loss
Type 4–5: advanced hair loss
Type 6–7: severe hair loss

Hair transplants: diagnosis and solutions

Why do we lose our hair?

Hair loss is most influenced by sex hormones and genetics.

It is quite rare for a woman in good health to lose her hair whilst for men it’s quite a common phenomenon. Why?

In men, hair is divided into two distinct regions:

  • One region which is not affected by androgens (i.e. male hormones)
  • And a second, so-called androgen-sensitive region

This division is hereditary. Hair in the sensitive region will fall out leading to the disappearance of the hair bulbs that produce hair. The various genetic distributions of this hair loss are described in the Hamilton-Norwood scale of male pattern baldness.

This will help you to determine your type of hair loss.

Thanks to the micrograft hair transplant, you can have hair for life.

Hair grafts, also known as hair implants or hair transplants, are carried out by the highly experienced team at Hair-for-Life.

The team at Hair-for-Life is fully trained in this autograft transplant procedure. Thanks to this technique, grafts are not rejected and hair will continue to grow for life. Micrograft hair transplants are a routine procedure.

Hair transplants are carried out at our medical centre in Geneva, which is backed by many years of experience. Each procedure is quick and pain-free. Your hair will grow back at the transplant site.

Which you will see for yourself.

No hair prosthesis is needed.

YOUR HAIR WILL GROW BACK FOR LIFE! Read what our patients have to say and have a good look at the photos and results!

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