Hair transplants

At CMMA we offer high-end bespoke services to restore your hair, beard or eyelashes

Greffe de cheveux avec les meilleures technologies - CMMA & CGEMPN

Hair transplants

Do you need hair transplants?

We can give you the opportunity to restore a full head of hair with a single permanent procedure in Genève!

Greffe de barbe et de cils à Genève - CMMA & CGEMPN

Beard and other hair transplants

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of and expertise in hair transplants, we offer you quick results that last a lifetime!

Dermopigmentation de cils, cheveux et poils à Genève - CMMA & CGEMPN


Opt for a cutting-edge technology that will make your life easier: dermopigmentation.

Get amazing results in just a few sessions!